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DON’T BUY XENA Disc-Lock Alarms

Hello guys, well I’m here to tell everyone that are looking for XENA Security Disc-Lock Alarms, I also was very impressed with what I read on forums and Internet advertisements. but in practice the answer to question: XENA disc-lock is good?, XENA disc-lock is efficient?, will depend on the conclusions that the reader get after reading and analyzing the report and images:

This is my testimonial: In January 2013, after a search on the Internet and in specialty stores, I was struck by the apparent “product quality”, many said it was a great choice because it has motion sensitive alarm and hard to break, let’s read what the manufacturer says in packing of the XZZ6L model:

Xena XZZ6L alarmed disc-lock, a powerful anti-theft alarm encased in a seriously strong lock. Complete with push-down 6mm hardened-steel locking pin and pick-proof, ice-spray proof key-barrel. Auto-arming, shoch or motion-sensitive 120dB alarm powered by a single, long-live CR2 lithium battery for high-performace in all weather conditions.

Details of the features:

120db XZZ6L disc-lock alarms feature a 120dB alarm to warn thieves. Powered by a single CR2 long-life Lithium battery for a louder, richer alarm sound and a more reliable power plant in a broad range of weather conditions.
6mm 6mm hardened-steel locking pin on XR1, XZ1 and new XZZ6 as well as X1 alarm-less disc-locks. Saw and tamper resistant to exceed requirements of testing bodies throughout the UK and Europe. Fits virtually any brake disc.
auto-arming Alarm automatically dis-arms.The alarm automatically arms when locked to the disc and disarms when removed. No need to remember to arm your alarm.
movesensor All XENA disc-lock alarms and Bullett-lock alarms use shock and motion sensors. Any metal-on-metal contact trips the shock sensor; any significant movement trips its counterpart. 
pushdown Push-down locking system disc-locks works with a simple push and click. The spring-loaded locking pins pops out when unlocked.
corrosion XENA locks are constructed from high-grade stainless, inert gas-hardened and chro-moly steels. Quality materials, top-notch design and rugged build-quality make XENA locks highly resistant to the elements for years of use in top condition.
ice-spray Ice Spray Proof Thieves commonly use an ice spray to render cheap materials brittle and easier to crack. All XENA locks are designed to resist this type of attack.

On 15 February this year I left my motorcycle parked with XENA XZZ6L DISC-LOCK ALARM on the motorcycle front disc , I pulled away for a 15 to 20 minutes and then I was called because they had taken my motorcycle, I found the XENA DISC-LOCK broken in the ground, look at the pictures:

Xena XZZ6L broken photo 1

Xena XZZ6L broken photo 1

Xena XZZ6L broken photo 2

Xena XZZ6L broken photo 2

Xena XZZ6L broken photo 3

Xena XZZ6L broken photo 3

Xena XZZ6L broken photo 4

Xena XZZ6L broken photo 4

Xena XZZ6L broken photo 5

Xena XZZ6L broken photo 5

Xena XZZ6L broken photo 6

Xena XZZ6L broken photo 6

Xena XZZ6L broken photo 7

Xena XZZ6L broken photo 7

Xena XZZ6L broken photo 8

Xena XZZ6L broken photo 8

Xena XZZ6L broken photo 9

Xena XZZ6L broken photo 9

Xena XZZ6L broken photo 10

Xena XZZ6L broken photo 10

I sent an email to the manufacturer of the product and the store where I bought, but to date 23 February 2013 nobody answered me.

This is the record of facts.

If the reader has arrived at this point is to be congratulated, as more people post their experiences, positive and/or negative, other consumers will not be harmed, need now reflect and evaluate if it is worth investing in this product and manufacturer as a means of protection for your motorcycle.

Manufacturer’s data: Xena Security

C.N.P.J: 10.873.759/0001-32 (10873759000132)

Seller’s data: PAULINHO MOTORCYCLE PERIMETRAL (Santo André – SP – Brazil)


Sobre mandrado

Pós-graduando em Análise e Projeto de Sistemas pela FATEC-SP. Bacharel em Sistemas de Informação pela UNIESP-Santo André. Especialista em ALM com Subversion e TRAC. Iniciante em ALM com Team Foundation Server Scrum e Product Owner em projeto de Sistemas de Informação.


27 comentários sobre “DON’T BUY XENA Disc-Lock Alarms

  1. Will the kovix products (kovix-security) are the same manufacturer of the products Xena-Security?

    Publicado por mandrado | 13/03/2014, 15:04
  2. Thanks for sharing.
    Do you have any idea how they managed to break it this way?
    What is the weak point for you here?

    Publicado por VisionRouge Shanghai | 01/08/2014, 09:35
    • It was pretty fast, the thief climbed on the motorcycle, started the engine and left, the latch does not presented any impediment. The metal alloy is not strong and tough as said the specifications.

      Publicado por mandrado | 06/08/2014, 09:26
  3. Not trying to defend Xena in any way here, but I still have a hard time believing what you are saying about how the theft occurred.
    First, from what you say at the beginning, you were not here to see the theft.
    Second, even if the steel was not as robust as advertised, there is absolutely no way one could just get on the motorcycle and get away without doing anything to the lock. Even with poor steel quality on the lock, the brake and the brake disc are bound to suffer very serious damage in the process as you describe it. So either :
    1. the guy had the time to start the engine and break the lock, time during which the alarm must have yelled from to the top of its 120dB without your witness intervening, or
    2. your witness is not saying all the truth, or
    3. both the steel and the alarm were not functioning as intended.

    You said that you were called right after the theft, so I will assume that your witness is some acquaintance of yours. In case (1), I would question his/her friendship. In cases (1) and (2) I would question his/her honesty. In case (3) I would wonder whether you lock could have been counterfeit.

    Publicado por John Doe | 17/12/2014, 11:28
    • Dear John Doe,

      First, yes, I believe you are trying to defend Xena in any way here. This is your a right.

      In the second place, what I get out of it? disseminating false information. Moreover, I have all the receipts and the occurrence of police records. If pictures are not enough to certify that the product was original, like any other consumer can attest that the product is not genuine?

      Also see that a company representative contacted me after reading this report and confirmed that the product is genuine.

      The doorkeeper of the location where I was, is my friend, and not a stranger, he had no reason to lie. He said he only heard the alarm when the individual was already out on the motorcycle.

      The alarm only yelled from after he fell to the ground, broken, after the thief led the motorcycle. there was no trace of the wheel assembly pieces of broken on the ground.

      The story is true and serves to alert other consumers.

      Publicado por mandrado | 19/12/2014, 01:08
    • If you read the response below from @ Anton 09/07/2015, 07:43 it is quite clear how the lock broke into two pieces in the elbow which is the weak spot. Anton forgot about the lock and drove his bike. The brake disc is in contact with the lock at the elbow. When the wheel moves the lock moves but it will be obstructed by the bike’s frame. However, if revved high, the disc will try to rotate with the wheel and will start cutting into the lock and put pressure on the elbow. If the metal casting is of sub-standard quality, the lock will snap at the elbow [due to the high pressure of the rotating wheel] and fall off.

      Publicado por Koodhiq | 26/04/2017, 15:35
  4. Gracias amigo…justo hoy estuve a punto de comprar un candado de esa marca Xena para mi moto ..pero pense en investigar primero en la web y encontre tu testimonio de esta marca…realmente es una mentira del fabricante decir que es de alta calidad…es una porqueria de material y para nada seguro…buscare otra opcion …muchas gracias por compartir tu historia con otras personas..

    Publicado por Alejandro | 28/01/2015, 23:49
  5. They broke off my xena lock and rolled off with my bike. The lock was left behind and seen that my lock some how broke apart by a weak point.

    Publicado por Jeffrey | 23/06/2015, 20:40
  6. I had the same problem. I bought this lock as it looks tough and sturdy. It has a nice and loud alarm. One morning I forgot that I put the lock on my rear wheel. I started the engine and left off. In few meters I realized that I had the lock on. I stopped and looked back. There it was, laying on the ground in two halves just like pictured by the author of the article above. The bike had no damage to the disc or the caliper. There was only minor scratch of yellow paint on the caliper bracket. That is all. The lock does not do anything to stop thieves, not even for a second. Stay away from Xena products. If theives see the logo they will definately know that it is not a lock or piece of crap.

    Publicado por Anton | 09/07/2015, 07:43
  7. Sorry about that. If you didn’t throw it, i need the electronic part. My lock is still alive, but the alarm is dead 🙂

    Publicado por Cemilio | 09/10/2015, 03:28
  8. Thanks man. I was about to buy this product, after reading your story I will not buy xena.
    Remember guys, disk locks are not enough, if the thief wants to steal your bike, he steals it

    Publicado por Ren | 11/03/2016, 08:46
  9. I had the same problem 2016, They broke my XENA disc lock and stole my bike. Not a good lock at all.

    Publicado por Lesley Ravindra | 23/04/2016, 03:59
    • Are all these locks that broke the alloy cheaper xena ones? Not the stainless steel more expensive version? I have a stainless one and have ridden off with it on once for about 1m, didn’t break? The cheaper alloy ones may break, but l fail to see how the stainless ones would, you get what you pay for!

      Publicado por Roy bailey | 06/05/2016, 06:16
      • You mean Xena makes more expensive lots and lots cheaper? The company does not identify on the packaging and or disclose this information, how the customer can find out which batch is buying?

        I bought at a big store and paid dearly. I did not buy a fake product. The manufacturer contacted me and confirmed the validity of the product.

        You had luck. I Do not. Perhaps you bought the first lots. Now that the company is large and does not care about its customers. They told me they sent me a new lock, which never arrived.

        I would not dare to use and run the risk of losing the motorcycle again.

        Publicado por mandrado | 07/05/2016, 09:52
  10. hi Mandrado
    I work in a motorcycle store in montreal canada, i have been selling these locks for at least 4 years ; never had any negative feedback from customers
    one time i had to place one disc-lock under warranty ( the alarm just stopped working ) we called Xena USA and within 2 weeks they sent me a brand new disc-lock free of charge
    so to my knowledge when you buy Xena , you have one year hassle free warranty !

    Publicado por abadi | 06/07/2016, 23:59
    • That Good they answered you. I contacted the Xena, they said that sent me a brand new disc-lock free but never arrived. But still it was late, I had my loss.

      Publicado por mandrado | 07/07/2016, 14:46
      • Mandaro, your story seems fishy. If the lock is obviously proven to be ineffective and your bike is stolen, why would you want a replacement lock anyways?

        Publicado por konte | 21/10/2017, 01:11
      • I do not want the replacement. My interest was to be compensated for the harm and warn other consumers not to spend their money on something that does not work.

        Publicado por mandrado | 21/10/2017, 08:21
    • useless warranty when bike is gone . IQ check please.

      Publicado por John Claiborne II | 20/08/2016, 22:42
  11. had a xena alarmed disc lock broken when bike was attempted before. luckily I heard and chased them off as they were wheeling bike away! terrible design of a lock in hindisight.

    Publicado por ouioui | 04/08/2016, 17:27
    • So what would be suggested as a better alternative for Anti-theft?

      Publicado por Luis | 14/10/2016, 02:07
      • Dear Luis,

        Exists in market safer alternatives . As I´m not a representative of any company. I suggest you research the quality of the product that will acquire and especially good research before buying.

        Publicado por mandrado | 28/10/2016, 15:03
  12. Dear friend, I’m sorry for your loss. In order for others to learn from what happened to you, can you describe, please, how did you attach the lock to your bike?

    Publicado por Luiz Silveira | 10/11/2016, 09:04
  13. Hmm, with enough applied pressure of horsepower by the bike against this piece of metal it is a credible scenario. and is such as I would classify as a defeat on take off. Judging by the several pictures, the break appears to be a clean one, as if the casing could no longer bear the stress of pressure the bike applied, and thereby cracked, as it ought. The walls that encase that broken end of the lock, I regret to say, appear rather thin, which no longer leaves any wonder how or why to me, for a high grade hard chain would have never permitted a defeat on take off. The thief was either initially confident of a defeat on take off, or rather desperate with every hope of success. I suppose the best form of security is a theft insurance policy, and if that is either uninsurable for bikes, or immensely expensive, we now know why. I wish you would have used a chain, he would been forced to tamper with a good lock and the chain, which in public would have been intimidating if not deterring for the low life. My condolences for you.

    Publicado por whirler | 20/04/2017, 20:07


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